Asus ARESIII-8GD5 Graphics Cards

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  • Dual R9 290X factory-overclocked to 1030MHz - delivering a 15% faster performance than GTX Titan Z
  • Made for water-cooled rig featuring custom-designed EK water block - running at 25% cooler than reference R9 295X2
  • DIGI+ VRM with black metallic capacitors and 16-phase Super Alloy Power: 30%-less power noise and 5X-greater durability


Asus promise between 15%-33% better performance depending which game/benchmark you’re running. Although a lot of this will be down to driver support at this early stage, performance we’re sure will be staggering. As you’d expect from any high end Asus card, we see the standard DIGI+ VRMs and a 16-Phase Super Alloy Power design, making the Ares III geared towards overclocking, so again we’re expecting to see some very impressive performance figures when it comes to review. The Ares does require three 8pin PCIE power conectors, and it does come with three red and black braided PCIE extension cables. Like the previous Ares cards, it comes in a metal carry case in order to add to the prestige of owning one of these.


Brand Asus
Item model number ARESIII-8GD55
Product Dimension 14.4 x 2.1 x 30 cm
Maximum Display Resolution 4096 x 2160
Graphics Coprocessor AMD Radeon R9 290X * 2

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