Here at PLATINUM SELECTION, we take pride in displaying our top end units in our showroom which serves as our collection point for our customers. However, when new stock comes in, these new and unused products get placed back into their original box and stored with our other stock.

We will now be offering our unboxed range to you at up to half the price! 

Note that these products are still brand new, eligible for 3 month warranty or guarantee and eligible for a full refund should the product not live up to your expectation, as we are confident that these products will give you the very same experience (with less packaging to open being the only difference)!

Even better, these products are IN STOCK and will be shipped the very same day that they are ordered if you place your order before noon.

Should you not be happy with the condition of your unboxed product, we will arrange collection from you and process a refund no questions asked!